casey dining set

Inspired by mid-century modern style but designed for contemporary living, the Casey collection is a stunning dining set in black American walnut that fits any home decor. The Casey table is an elegant, elliptical octagon, with a thin profile and long, narrow sides that draw the eye. The underside of the table has a steep chamfer that’s both a sleek accent and pleasing to the touch. Elliptical legs are tapered and chic, bisecting the corners of the apron and splaying out at a slight angle. 

The Casey low-backed bench includes a stylized storage solution, measuring 46" x 15". Also constructed from black American walnut, the bench has an upholstered seat cushion to maximize comfort alongside functionality. Both the bench frame and the seat edges mirror the tapered elliptical shape of the table. Storage space is within the hinged seat, offset from the bench frame. The wooden back is supported by two stiles that are joined to the seat’s body.

Set is finished with matte Danish oil. All components proudly made by hand in the U.S.A.