The brownstone COLLECTION

The Brownstone Collection is a unique line of home furnishings that mixes our love of reclaimed lumber from New York City with the bold and timeless beauty of wrought iron. Sleek and stylish steel frames blend seamlessly with the natural warmth and color of reclaimed wood. With brass hardware and hand-bent corners.  

Wythe Bookcase: This sleek bookcase boasts parallel wrought iron frames that surround the reclaimed shelves. Deep rich hues in the old-growth pine and subtle brass hardware make this bookcase a conversation starter in any home or office. Can be made with any wood. 54” x 84” x 16”.

Strobus Coffee Table: This stylish coffee table boasts the warm hues of a “pumpkin pine” top. Rounded legs and brass hardware are a unique accent to make any living room just a bit more elevated. 34” x 50” x 18”.